RPA Benefits and Usage

In this section of the RPA tutorial, we will learn RPA Benefits and their usage in various industries.

RPA Benefits/Why RPA?

There are lots of benefits of using RPA, we have listed those below:

  • RPA bots are scalable and they integrate across domains and platforms
  • They reduce human errors, are compliant and consistent.
  • RPA can reduce operational costs by automating repetitive high-volume tasks.
  • RPA bots operate with consistent speed and improve productivity at regular intervals of time.
  • Only teach your bots how to do and what to do and they will work for you 24/7 without a break 😊.
  • It improves customer experience (NPS) by providing prompt and accurate resolution (it follows rules).
  • Optimize labor costs, increase capacity.
  • Increase speed, accuracy (100%), and availability (24 hours x 365 days).
  • Improve compliance, controls, and audit-ability.
  • Deliver business intelligence.
  • Enable digital transformation.
  • Enhance employee morale.

RPA Usage

Below are the industries that use RPA for some of their processes.

Industries Processes
Mortgage Loan Process, Underwriting, etc.
Financial Services Fraud Claims, Cards activation
Telecom Order Management, Reporting
BPO Invoice Processing & Customer experience
Insurance Claims processing, Compensation
Healthcare Reports, Reconciliation, Bills processing
Public Sector Metro, New application process
Shipping Order processing, Invoice processing

Hope the RPA benefits and usage are clear. In the next section, we will explain the RPA life cycle.