Deno Installation

Installing deno is quite a simple process. Deno ships as a single executable with no dependencies.

Deno Installation

There are two ways of installing deno on your machine:

  1. Using Binaries
  2. Using Commands

1. Using Binaries

We can download a release binary from the official deno releases page.

2. Using Commands

Below are the PowerShell and Shell commands that can be used for installing deno.

Shell (Mac, Linux):
$ curl -fsSL | sh
PowerShell (Windows):
$ iwr -useb | iex

For the complete set of commands, please refer to

Deno installation test

To test your installation, run deno --version. If this prints the Deno version to the console the installation was successful.

deno --version

deno installation

To update a previously installed version of Deno, you can run:

deno upgrade

The above command will fetch the latest release from the official deno releases page and replace your current executable with it.

To install a specific version of deno:

deno upgrade --version 1.5.1

In the next section, we will run our first deno program.

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