TypeScript Namespace

Using namespace we can group logically related code. This is built into typescript, unlike javascript. A namespace can include classes, interfaces, functions, and variables.

We can create a namespace in typescript using namespace keyword followed by any valid name.

For Example:

namespace MyNamespace {


If we want the members of the namespace to be accessed outside the namespace then we need to mark those members with the export keyword.

TypeScript Namespace Example

namespace MyNamespace {
  export interface IStudent { ... }
  export class Student { ... }

In order to access the class Student in another namespace, we need to follow the syntax:


If the namespace is in a separate TypeScript file, then it should be referenced using triple-slash reference syntax.

/// <reference path = "Student.ts" />

Compile Namespace

To compile a typescript namespace and generate a single .js file, we use --outFile command.

tsc --outFile MyNamespace.js MyNamespace.ts

That’s all about namespace in typescript. We will learn about Typescript Modules in the next section.