TypeScript Resources

We have compiled a list of free and paid TypeScript resources.

Official Documentation

It’s always advisable to refer to and follow the official documentation available at https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/

Online Courses

Below are a few top-rated courses (Rating 4.7⭐ at the time of writing this section) on TypeScript.

  1. Understanding TypeScript – 2021 Edition 
  2. TypeScript for Beginners 2022 
  3. Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

📢TypeScript For Beginners 2022

Learn all that you need to get started with TypeScript in a short time.

The course will help you learn TypeScript step by step. Sections are broken down into lectures, where each lecture contains several related topics that are packed with easy-to-understand explanations and real-world examples.

The course is designed for beginners and intermediate-level professionals who want to learn TypeScript and use it for building applications.

TypeScript for Beginners


You may refer to any of these books in order to learn TypeScript in depth.

typescript resources typescript resources typescript resources

Interview Questions

This article covers 25 TypeScript questions and answers.

TypeScript Resources – Youtube

You may consider watching this Typescript tutorial series:


Closing Notes

Choose whatever works for you. Track your progress daily and try to recall your previous day’s learning.

Don’t forget to implement whatever you learn. Only reading or watching tutorials won’t help unless you practice the concepts and try implementing them.

All the best for your {typescript} journey.